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Reconciling object state using directed acyclic graphs (DAG)

In distributed, asynchronous systems, state management has its challenges. Kubernetes uses reconciliation as pattern to ensure the desired state. Directed acyclic graphs can be used to reconcile complex state in a polite, target-oriented way by explicitly modeling tasks and dependencies.

Using gRPC with Go

There are plenty of excellent docs, articles and tutorials available regarding gRPC, thus this blog article aims to provide a rather practical guide to gRPC for people who likes to code in Go.

Automating Github with Golang - Building your own Github Bot

Users on GitHub have access to a vast API - together with Golang you can write some very cool bots - we show you how it's done.

Using CGO bindings under Alpine, CentOS and Ubuntu

Go is a programming language that interacts with C libraries pretty well. Nevertheless there are some pitfalls using proper bindings to C libraries within a Go program.