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Managed Kubernetes vs self-managed Kubernetes

Kubernetes clusters can be controlled by the user or by a cloud service provider. We show you which suits you.

Cloud-Gateway builds VPN Among Services in the Cloud

Cloud-Gateway enables encrypted UDP communication between different private networks (behind firewalls and/or NAT and/or using private IP addresses outside the RFC 1918 space); it builds VPN backed by WireGuard; it provides intuitive pipe syntax to configure the built-in TCP proxy.

New members for the Cloud Native Computing Foundation

x-cellent is proud to be a Silver Member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. We want to support this amazing and fastly growing ecosystem with open-source contributors for and Gardener.

Software-Updates, regelmäßig und automatisiert: Continuous Delivery mit Kubernetes

Software-Zyklen drehen sich immer schneller, vor allem im Cloud-Umfeld. Wir zeigen, wie Sie da mithilfe von "Continuous Delivery" Schritt halten können.

Looking back at Europe KubeCon 2019, Barcelona

Yes, we've been there — again! Just like last year, some of us took a couple of days off of our projects in order to attend KubeCon 2019.

IT-Migration in die Cloud

Sie wollen ihre Dienste in die Cloud portieren? Das ist sehr gut und wird Sie und Ihr Business auf vielen Ebenen einen deutlichen Schritt voran bringen –...