On tuesday 22.01. we had a meetup at the x-cellent office with two speakers: Markus and Joe. The topics were "Network design for a bare metal cloud" and "Day 2 Data Ops for multi cluster K8s". It was great stuff – thank you very much for the interesting presentations. And also a great "thanks" to all the people who have joint the meetup. It was just too little time to talk to all of you.

And here are the summaries of the two presentations:
1. Markus Fensterer, x-cellent technologies "Network design for a bare metal cloud"
Running K8S on bare metal is quite popular and for cloud native applications it just makes sense to skip the layer of virtual machines. Self-Building a bare metal cloud for managed kubernetes introduces several challenges regarding networking.

In this talk, we have presented our considerations about a network design for a bare metal cloud and have dived into advanced network topics as BGP, Routing-on-the-host, AnyCast-addresses and the FRR-Routing-Suite which are the building blocks of our concept.

Aside from that, we showed a live demo, in which we set up two servers with an AnyCast IP-address, a switch and demonstrated the failover behavior you get from that.

2. Joe Gardiner, Portworx "Day 2 Data Ops for multi cluster Kubernetes"
Joe Gardiner - Technical Lead at Portworx has discussed the challenges of handling data in Kubernetes, and some of the pitfalls over data management in multi-tenant or multi-cluster deployments. He then has introduce STORK (STorage ORchestration for Kubernetes) - an open-source project from Portworx - and demonstrated cluster to cluster app and data migration.

Thanks again to all for the great evening and if you couldn't be there yesterday: Stay tuned for more from the event and the next meetups will follow.

Here are a few impressions